About Us

courtyardWe Lead Buyers to Great Places. DMB Realty Network is an international 360° Marketing, Sales and Operations company providing solutions in the residential real estate industry. Specializing in the affluent and lifestyle markets, DMB Realty Network offers premier services from launch to legacy.

Our Marketing and Sales services, offered under the Encore 360° Network, provide clients effective strategic and tactical marketing and sales solutions at any phase of a Community’s lifecycle. Our team works with clients to ensure all variables are aligned for success, establishing tried and successful processes and systems; incorporating our holistic approach to marketing, sales and operations.

forestExpertise in Brokerage Operations allows DMB Realty Network to provide real estate sales services. Unlike standard brokerages, our expertise lies in generating multiple buyers for single locations rather than single buyers for multiple locations. Representing highly desired communities, our unparalleled capabilities in launching new communities, as well as developing and building sustainable resale models, has allowed us to market and sell nearly $4 Billion over the course of the past 15 years in a diversity of markets and economic climates.

DMB Realty Network is an independently owned and operated service provider and Brokerage Operations company working with premier Developers, Financial Institutions and Property Owners to create, market and sell some of the most coveted residential properties throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.